I hope your life is this good…

Seeing my new book SOMETIMES NEVER, SOMETIMES ALWAYS start to appear on blog posts and reading lists in the internet world, seeing copyedits in my inbox and pictures of ARCs on facebook, is all a terrifying and thrilling reminder of the fact that this book is becoming more and more real, every day. My family has been poring over a borrowed pair of guide books to Chicago, hoping to make a road trip happen in and around my signing trip to the ALA Conference in Chicago, which I’m very excited to attend — as a teacher and as a writer!

I’m signing at the Flux booth at ALA on Saturday, June 29, at 1:00 pm!

I’m excited for what this summer will bring, especially with my writing. I’ve joined up with the Teachers Write summer camp, and I’m hoping some of my fellow North Star teachers might be interested, too. I think it sounds amazing, I love the idea of writing teachers writing, and I absolutely love the books of Kate Messner (and am looking forward to discovering the books from the other authors who are donating their time to this cool project!)  And I’m spending a week at the Minnesota Northwoods Writers Conference, too — I’m SO excited for that trip, and for the chance to take a fiction workshop from Danielle Evans, whose short story collection, Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self, I greatly enjoyed. Also, check it. I haven’t killed my plants yet.

they’re aliiiiiive!

The boys and I have been playing games, test-driving for my reading class next year, and tonight’s game of Apples to Apples was pretty intense. Despite my eloquent argument about pirates and their responsible use of mapping to keep track of their myriad treasures, Av refused to give me credit for PIRATES and RESPONSIBLE. “Pirates,” he declared, “do not brush their teeth.” Okay, then. Point denied.

Av writes his recipe card…

El impressed me with the logic and persuasiveness of his pairing CACTUS and MAGICAL, when he pleaded the miraculous nature of green life growing in a dry desert. At the end of each round we shared something new that we learned by reading the information on the cards, and he told me all about Salsa Dancing and the 1980s. I do love word games and having time, once again, for family!

Both boys have been asking to take turns making dinner, which is fine by me because I hate cooking with the fire of a million suns, etc. SO. Tonight Av wanted to make “lasagna,” and he did, sort of. What resulted was less a lasagna and more of a pepperoni pizza on lasagna noodles, but everyone ate, and people were somewhat polite at the table. Win.

Today we went to the library book sale and met up with a bunch of teachers afterward for coffee and summer-talk, which can’t help but meander into teacher-talk from time to time. Both boys got a little tired of participating in the conversation, so while El worked on some funny Mad Libs and drank his Starbucks orange juice, Av decided to document our day in the Hoole Adventure Journal. In the photo, you can see me, “Book Sale: Elissa is in the Book Sale,” and an approximate representation of what I looked like while stuffing books into a bag in the library this morning. I hope your life is this good, too.

Life is good when you have four dollar bags of books.


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YA writer. teacher. incorrigible daydreamer. Elissa Janine Hoole is author of THE MEMORY JAR (flux books 2016); SOMETIMES NEVER, SOMETIMES ALWAYS (flux books, 2013); and KISS THE MORNING STAR (Marshall Cavendish/Amazon Children's Publishing, 2012).

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  1. I did see the pic, and loved it. I would have loved to have tasted the pizza lasagna too. So happy to call you our niece.

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